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Why I started this blog (and why you should read it)

June 9, 2011 - People Management, Presentations, Professional Development, Project Management

I’m actually ridiculously intimidated by you.  Yes, you.

I work in the Information Technology organization of a Fortune 150 company.  Through this blog, I’ll be sharing observations and lessons learned in IT project management, executive communications, people management, and professional development.  Most of what I’m writing about are things I didn’t learn from a textbook or management magazine or tech forum, which is why I’ve felt compelled as such to write them down and send them with love out into the interwebs.

But I first had to fight down how intimidated I am by you, Internet Reader.  You, businesswoman, IT guru, security guy, developer, manager, intern, director, analyst.  You, who is experiencing the same challenges, and scaling the same mountains as me, so how dare I think I should be the one writing this blog.  But I believe in surrounding myself with people smarter than me, so I hope you’ll participate in these conversations.  Did I miss something?  Did you disagree entirely?  Did you have an “Amen, sister!” moment?  Please comment and tell me.  I’d love to hear from you.

I’m Fallon.  I’m a Millennial.  I work in IT.  And this is my blog.

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